Helicopter logging is the most environmentally friendly method of harvesting timber available today.

Whether taking a single tree, a small patch opening, strip openings, or variable retention with dispersed leave trees, helicopter logging enables creative harvest designs that meet biodiversity, ground stability, and water quality needs and it minimizes the amount of road required to access the timber.

Wildlife populations can thrive where new browse is created. Grazing an area that was cut about 10 years ago, these young sheep of the Kootenay River are a prime example of how populations thrive when the food source is managed to sustain them.

The Caribou of the McGregor River thrive while grazing in an open area created by a narrow cut block allowing smaller vegetation to flourish in open sunlight.

Three grizzlies made their home between two blocks logged in the Table River. They seemed to mostly ignore our presence and the crew had to keep watch to stay out of their way. The cut block openings will increase their food supply.